Steps to Become an Accredited Program

How to become an accredited program.

Step 1: Declare
File a Notice of Intent to Pursue Accreditation to learn if the program is eligible. Each program requires a separate application.
Fee per program: $500

Step 2: Formal Application
Upon confirmation of eligibility, a complete a formal application.
Fee per application: $1,950

Step 3: Prepare and Submit Self Study 
Self Study report is due August 1 or December 1.

Step 4: Schedule Visitation
Visits are scheduled during the months of November - April. 

Step 5: Visitation Report
Visit team sends report to Council within 2 weeks of visit.

Step 6: Program Response
Responses to the Visitation Report are due 30 days from receipt of letter from Council.

Step 7: Accreditation Hearing
Hearings are scheduled in the fall and spring based on timing of your Visit. All Visit hearings are held remotely.