Dear COAPRT Visitor - 
We are in the process of scheduling the 2020-2021 Program Visits and request your availability. Your service is critical to COAPRT achieving its mission to ensure quality education in the profession. 

The institutions listed in the survey will be visited November 2020-April 2021 and are scheduled for hearings at the NRPA Congress in Nashville, TN, September 2021. Visitor travel expenses are provided for by the program being reviewed. If you are interested in serving as a visitor during this round of visits, please complete this online form no later than May 31, 2020. Please review the Visitor Selection Policy (LINK) and respond only to visits for which you are eligible.

This year, program visitations may look different than in the past. Given the variability of COVID-19 restrictions throughout the nation, Council is examining the possibility of temporarily implementing virtual site visitations. If virtual visitations are implemented, the Council is committed to providing specialized training for this purpose. Whether virtual or physical, the proposed visitation dates will remain unchanged. 

We acknowledge the possibility of virtual visitation may not be the opportunity that inspired you to become a COAPRT visitor, but we hope it will not discourage you from volunteering for this important service. The coming year represents a peak in the seven-year cycle of program visitations, and COAPRT will need a large pool of volunteers to meet the need. We ask for your support to meet the current challenge.

All visit availability responses MUST be submitted by May 31.  Please do not delay to ensure you are considered for a 2020-2021 visit.
Please contact us at if you have any questions. Thank you for your service to COAPRT and the profession.

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There is no ID present for me to look up the data you need.

Please double check the link that was emailed to you.

Next step: Please reach out to your COAPRT contact and they will assist you.