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Recreation Management Program

A degree in Recreation Management provides excellent preparation for a variety of careers within the field as well as excellent leadership and interpersonal skills. Our core set of courses is designed to help you establish an appreciation and understanding of the value that leisure, recreation, and wellness related services bring to individuals and communities. Our motto, Engaging People, Creating Communities, is indicative of our department's mission. Not only do we want to develop students to become active and involved citizens in their communities and in the lives of the people they serve, but we also prepare them to plan and deliver experiences that engage people and build communities.

6 Year Graduation Rate: 77%
  • Outcome 1:
    Students graduating from the program shall demonstrate entry-level knowledge of the scope and professional practices inherent in the RM Department core curriculum.
  • Outcome 1 Measure Type:
  • Outcome 1 Assessment Method:
    RECR110 - Professional Code of Ethics Exam
  • Outcome 1 Result:
    72% of students earned an 80% or higher on the exam.
  • Outcome 2:
    Students graduating from the program shall demonstrate the ability to design and deliver recreation related experiences for diverse populations.
  • Outcome 2 Measure Type:
  • Outcome 2 Assessment Method:
    RECR315 - Design and Delivery of a Recreation Program to participants representing diverse cultures and abilities.
  • Outcome 2 Result:
    Based on the projects rubric, 82% of students earned a grade of 75% or better on the project.
  • Outcome 3:
    Students graduating from the program should be able to apply entry level concepts, principles and procedures of management and leadership in recreation related programs represented by the RM Department Core Curriculum.
  • Outcome 3 Measure Type:
  • Outcome 3 Assessment Method:
    RECR425 - Professional Field Experience Supervisor Evaluation
  • Outcome 3 Result:
    Based on the RECR425 supervisor evaluation, 92% of students earned a score of good or better on their RECR425 performance.
    COAPRT Standard 2.05.05:  STD_20505
    COAPRT Standard 3.06:  STD_306
    COAPRT Standard 3.07:  STD_307