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Leisure, Youth and Human Services Program

The University of Northern Iowa Division of Leisure, Youth & Human Services (LYHS) focuses on preparing individuals with the skills, knowledge and values required to effectively assume professional leadership/managerial positions in the areas of leisure, recreation, parks, therapeutic recreation, tourism, and youth and human service settings.

6 Year Graduation Rate: 92%
  • Outcome 1:
    Students graduating from the LYHS program can effectively communicate the entry-level knowledge associated with COAPRT Standard 7.01 in written form in various formats and styles, to a variety of audiences.
  • Outcome 1 Measure Type:
  • Outcome 1 Assessment Method:
    The Synthesis Paper associated with the Senior Project class (LYHS 4095). The purpose of the Synthesis Paper is to be an opportunity for the student to reflect on the integration of classroom learning with practical experiences during the internship. Components of the Synthesis Paper include outlining the purpose of the internship, synthesizing in-class theories/concepts with practical internship endeavors, and detailing personal and professional growth during the internship.
  • Outcome 1 Result:
    The rubric used for the assessment was the AAC&U Written Communication Value Rubric (Modified). This rubric included four ratings: (a) Benchmark = 1; (b) Moderate = 2-3; and (c) Capstone = 4. The goal the LYHS faculty was hoping to see via the direct assessment was that 60% of the Synthesis Paper Overall Scores average was above 3.1. The results of the assessment showed that 40% of the Synthesis Paper Overall Scores average was above a 3.1.
  • Outcome 2:
    Students graduating from the LYHS Program shall demonstrate the ability to evaluate service and experience offerings and to use evaluation data to improve the quality of offerings.
  • Outcome 2 Measure Type:
  • Outcome 2 Assessment Method:
    Pre-post SALG (Student Assessment of their Learning Gains).
  • Outcome 2 Result:
    - Student conceptual understanding of research and evaluation significantly increased (p < .01). - Student research and evaluation skills significantly increased (p < .01). - Student confidence in conducting evaluative research significantly increased. As seen previously though, student enthusiasm and interest in taking more research and evaluation classes did not significantly increase. Open ended questions illustrated some students' anxiety, apprehension, and concern with the research topics.
  • Outcome 3:
    Students graduating from the LYHS Program shall be able to recognize basic facts, concepts, principles, and procedures of management and administration, infrastructure management, financial and human resources management, and marketing and public relations.
  • Outcome 3 Measure Type:
  • Outcome 3 Assessment Method:
    Midterm and Final Exam
  • Outcome 3 Result:
    Fall 2016 Midterm: 86% Fall 2016 Final: 71% Spring 2017 Midterm: 65% Spring 2017 Final: 92% Fall 2017 Midterm: 92% Fall 2017 Final: 96% Spring 2018 Midterm: 58% Spring 2018 Final: 88% Fall 2018 Midterm: 52% Fall 2018 Final: 71%
    COAPRT Standard 2.05.05:  N/A
    COAPRT Standard 3.06:  N/A
    COAPRT Standard 3.07:  N/A