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Recreation & Park Administration Program

EKU's Department of Recreation and Park Administration (RPA) was established in 1967, and received initial NRPA accreditation in 1980. RPA offers the Bachelor of Science degree in Recreation and Park Administration with four concentrations: Tourism and Resort Recreation, Recreation Management and Event Planning, Therapeutic Recreation & Natural Resources Recreation Management.

6 Year Graduation Rate: 71%
  • Outcome 1:
    Outcome 1 from Standard 7.01: Student Scholarship, 2016-2020 Conduct research that contributes to the knowledge base of the represented disciplines in local, state, national, and international venues. (COAPRT 4.07, 5.06, 7.01a & 7.01).
  • Outcome 1 Measure Type:
  • Outcome 1 Assessment Method:
    Outcome 1 Assessment Method: Number of student presenters criterion 20% of RPA students will have their research accepted for presentation.
  • Outcome 1 Result:
    Outcome 1 Result: For 2017/2018, 83 students had a research experience culminating in either professional presentation, publication or grant representing 61.9% of RPA students.
  • Outcome 2:
    Outcome 2 from Standard 7.02: REC 311 Leadership and Diversity Project Students will demonstrate competencies in management, operations, event planning and recreation programming for a diverse population (COAPRT 7.01a, 7.01b, 7.01c, 7.02 & 7.03)
  • Outcome 2 Measure Type:
  • Outcome 2 Assessment Method:
    Outcome 2 Assessment Method: Instructor grade for regional stewardship special event Criterion 75% of students will receive a grade of "B" or better on the regional stewardship diversity special event + student reflections
  • Outcome 2 Result:
    Outcome 2 Result: For 2017/2018, 47 students completed REC 311, Introduction to Therapeutic Recreation and planned, organized, delivered, and evaluated a mentoring program and rewards day for children at Bellevue Alternative School (Madison County School System), with 91.4% receiving a grade of “B” or better.
  • Outcome 3:
    Outcome 3 from Standard 7.03: During Senior Internship (REC 463), students will demonstrate their ability to put into practice the knowledge and understanding required in major course work and previous Fieldwork experience by successfully completing a significant project for their agency.
  • Outcome 3 Measure Type:
  • Outcome 3 Assessment Method:
    Outcome 3 Assessment Method: Criterion REC 463/473 Senior Internship students will receive an average of 33 points out of a possible 40 points on their agency project evaluation.
  • Outcome 3 Result:
    Outcome 3 Result: For 2017/2018, 52 students completed 27,920 hours of senior internship experience. Of those 52 students, the mean score for the Senior Internship project was 38.86 out of a possible 40 points indicating success in critical thinking and communication skill.
    COAPRT Standard 2.05.05:  STD_20505
    COAPRT Standard 3.06:  STD_306
    COAPRT Standard 3.07:  STD_307