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Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Program

Since 1968, within the College of Health, the Department offers programs of study leading to baccalaureate, Master's, and Doctoral degrees. Our undergraduate program is accredited by the National Recreation and Park Association. Our Vision: We advance in

6 Year Graduation Rate: 69%
  • Outcome 1:
    Students will be able to demonstrate knowledge of and interest in current trends and issues within and affecting the field of PRT.
  • Outcome 1 Measure Type:
  • Outcome 1 Assessment Method:
    70% of students will score at 75% or above on Final Exam.
  • Outcome 1 Result:
    Summer 2018, 91% of students earned 75% or above.
  • Outcome 2:
    Students will be able to calculate, interpret, and report essential descriptive statistics.
  • Outcome 2 Measure Type:
  • Outcome 2 Assessment Method:
    Application Exercise 7.
  • Outcome 2 Result:
    Fall 2018, 85% of students earned 75% or above on Application Exercise 7.
  • Outcome 3:
    Students will be able to apply selected legal principles to cases involving civil rights and civil liberties of personnel, participants, and clientele.
  • Outcome 3 Measure Type:
  • Outcome 3 Assessment Method:
    Case synopsis assignment.
  • Outcome 3 Result:
    Spring 2017, 92% of students earned 75% or above.
    COAPRT Standard 2.05.05:  STD_20505
    COAPRT Standard 3.06:  STD_306
    COAPRT Standard 3.07:  STD_307