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Recreation, Parks and Leisure Services Program

The mission of the Department of Recreation, Parks and Leisure Services at Minnesota State University, Mankato is to develop students who value leisure for all and excel as leaders in the RPLS profession. Leisure experience is a basic human right. People of all ages and abilities need and deserve equal opportunity to engage in recreative activities of their choice. In order to assure quality leisure and recreational opportunities for everyone, leisure professionals are needed in a wide variety of roles, agencies, and settings to assess, plan, implement and evaluate programs that meet society's leisure needs.

6 Year Graduation Rate: 70%
  • Outcome 1:
    Students graduating from the program shall demonstrate entry-level knowledge of the foundation of the profession in history, science and philosophy.
  • Outcome 1 Measure Type:
  • Outcome 1 Assessment Method:
    Three final exam questions from RPLS 272: Introduction to Recreation, Parks, and Leisure Services were administered to assess this standard. The performance level desired was 70% of students answered all three items correctly.
  • Outcome 1 Result:
    In Spring 2018, 74% answered all three correctly, indicating meeting the performance standard. In Fall 2018, 87% answered all thee correctly, indicating the performance standard was met.
  • Outcome 2:
    Students graduating from the program shall be able to demonstrate the ability to design services that facilitate targeted human experiences and that embrace personal and cultural dimensions of diversity.
  • Outcome 2 Measure Type:
  • Outcome 2 Assessment Method:
    Students developed and implemented evaluations for an event that facilitated targeted human experiences for diverse populations. This evaluation was scored using a rubric. Students scoring 70% or better are considered to have demonstrated competency.
  • Outcome 2 Result:
    In Spring and Fall 2018, 100% demonstrated a score of 70% or higher, indicating they met the performance standard.
  • Outcome 3:
    Students graduating from the program shall be able to demonstrate entry-level knowledge about strategic management/administration in parks, recreation, tourism and/or related professions.
  • Outcome 3 Measure Type:
  • Outcome 3 Assessment Method:
    A performance level of 70% of students will answer an exam question addressing strategic management/administration correctly.
  • Outcome 3 Result:
    In Spring 2018, 82% answered correctly and in Fall 2018, 84% answered correctly; indicating the performance standard has been met.
    COAPRT Standard 2.05.05:  STD_20505
    COAPRT Standard 3.06:  STD_306
    COAPRT Standard 3.07:  STD_307